23 December 2012

Ghias sweater - Done

Knitter happy dance ... after basically rewriting the pattern, its finally done .. next on my list is a little black dress for Ghia .. pictures of her wearing her hoodie coming soon

14 December 2012

**censored remarks** dammitall

Ah bloody hell!!! took me long enough to figure out what end was up with this pattern. .. Thanx to Gina i did and i rather think i outsmarted myself. . Bloody thing is 24 1/2” around. . (censored remarks) time to rip it apart AGAIN. .. And go back to my origiinal plan of Large sze (16”) on US10 needles. ..

Take 2 1/2 .. //grumbles

12 December 2012

Ghia sweater ... take 2

Frogged the sweater i started for a friends dog 2 years ago lol .. found another that's not all ribbing .. hope to start today .. gotta do some math cuz her dog is 20 inches round the chest and most patterns are 16-24 .. ugh .. so larger needles than pattern calls for should do the trick .. i hope .. you know I lost the end and had to hunt it down lol

10 December 2012

All done!

Didn't take all that long to do .. very pleased with the results.  I'll do this one again .. definitely a favorite!

09 December 2012

Ahh that's better

I'm way happier with his now .. doesn't look like such a beanie now .. just added one more repeat than the pattern called for .. now will follow the rest of the pattern .. maybe it'll be done today :D

05 December 2012

I *DO* like this!

I must say I'm quite pleased with the way this is shaping up .. granted I'm taking some liberties with the pattern .. should be no shock there .. the cable band and the pattern stitch are well suited for each other .. not so sure at the length so I'm at the point where I should be decreasing, but will add another pattern set or two