31 October 2016

Sunset toes up - almost there

First there was one, then there is two!  I'm so glad I'm done with these, but I'm not happy with the bind off.  While I've got enough room, they're just a smidge to tight at the top even with using US3 for the bind off.  So as usual, I've done research and there's a ton of hits for stretchy bind off.  I'm tempted to undo the bind off and do the stretchy bind off so I'm 100% happy with them.  They fit well and sit well on my feet and legs.  There's just that bit of tightness.  I don't have this issue with casting on.

The second sock knit up with no issues with the heel as I resorted to using stitch markers to keep track of where I was at with my heel turn/wrap and while I didn't have to back up, I still have to practice more :)

The patterning in the yarn worked well with this pattern and I am happy with result and how it looks
Not sure why one side of the heel is loose and the other is spot on.  Could be the fact that one is on the purl side and the other on the knit.  I'm not really sure.  I do know that one stitch seemed to be 'longer' on the needle than the rest.  I tried to keep the pressure off the end stitches, but apparently I didn't keep enough pressure off the stitch.  I'll figure it out and of course practice makes perfect.

Now to find a nice patterned sock to use with a solid colour yarn.  I've the kettle dyed green yarn that I'm still working to find the perfect pattern.

24 October 2016

Notes on Threes

There is truth in The third times the charm. Took me three patterns before I found one that worked well with this yarn. I've found several gorgeous ones for solid colours and they are on my list for the solid colours I've got. And of course there is the green kettle dyed yarn I've got which needs the perfect pattern. But this one, had me scratching my head. The stripes in the yarn made it tricky for a texture pattern and cable patterns do not work well with any sort of multicolour yarn. I found Sunset Scales on Ravelry that spoke to me and spoke with this yarn very well.  Easy to memorize - another increase and decrease pattern that is very easy to do that looks stunning and way more complicated than it actually is.

This is a Toe Up pattern.  I tried three (2nd set of three) different  ways to do start the pattern and finally settled on (and fell in love with), Judy's Magic Cast On shown in video - I use the Thumb Long Tail Cast On so this method is in my wheelhouse!  This is by far the easiest way to cast on for a Toe Up sock!  I love the challenging patterns cause it means that I learn something new / different each time!

My next set of three (hopefully the last three) attempts is my short turn heel row.  Yes, it actually took me three attempts to get it to the point where I am somewhat satisfied with the result.  I know I can do a better job on the heel; it's just going to take a bit more practice.  The reason I let it be is that the 'holes' fall in line with the lacey holes in the pattern.  Part of my issue with the heel this time is that the multicolour yarn made it difficult to see the bumps that are created when the yarn is wrapped.  I finally fell back on using stitch markers to keep track of where I last wrapped and turned.  That solved the issue, but doesn't look all that great - just going to take a bit of practice.  And less abused yarn LOL  The things I do yarn while I knit and screw up patterns haha

One thing that I'm surprised and very pleased about is these actually fit nicely with only 58 sts cast on!  I'm using size US2 bamboo needles - even with my wide foot, you can see that this fits me just right.  I'm not a huge fan of super tight socks at all - Just a wee bit snug.  The toe looks a bit wonky, I have read there's a way to get it right or left slanting.  That will be a step in the future for perfecting a toe up sock pattern

I like these!  I'm pleased with the progress and what I've learned :)  Yea Me!!

Ravelry Link - Sunset Toes Up

13 October 2016

One sock .. two sock!!! YEA ME

Two months to the date, I can call this project finally finished!  They feel so great on my feet and are going to be nice and toasty warm!  Not that I'm a huge fan of snow, but I say with these socks I can handle it!

I did learn a lot on these socks.  I do like doing the short row turn heel; the different coloured toes and heels are pretty cool looking - not a huge fan of this toe type though  I did a kitchener stitch for the toe which was fine and worked out well - but the toe is boxy looking.  Maybe having less stitches would make it less boxy looking??  Not sure - I'll play with different types of toes to figure out the best look.

These socks are a wee bit to long for my feet, but I imagine there's going to be some shrinkage on this yarn.  I hope not though as the amount they're to long isn't enough to worry me  I will use the delicate setting for the washing and drying of these socks with this yarn.

I've several skeins to try different socks and bamboo needles of different sizes.  I picked up Socktacular and it shows me how to make several different styles of heels and toes - toe up - cuff down.  Squeeeeeee  LOL  I know .. I've lost it, but it's so much fun losing it.

Now to decide what to make next - another pair of socks, a few dishcloths, or another block in my KAL blanket.  decisions - decisions

Ravelry Link - Midnight Oil Socks

07 October 2016

HAH one down!

I'm still deciding if I date to exhale after holding my breath through the last 20 rounds and the toe section. I could barely believe it when I started with the kitchener stitch ..

I'm stunned that I finished all the stitches and then started to weave them in ..

Good lord I finished a freeken sock!!!



Now .. sock two!

06 October 2016

Twenty something ....

I'm almost afraid to say it out loud. ... ive almost finished one whole sock. . It's only taken almost two months. 

I'm super confident and excited that I'll have a complete sock ., yes it's just one I know ., but I'm thinking how quick the next one will go .. my son and friend are having a blast saying it's almost time to frog it again ... the abuse I take lol

All the lumps and bruises got taken out on this one lol ,, I almost feel sorry for the poor thing .. almost.  I learned a lot and will take what I learned forward to its buddy and all other victims ... errr other docks I knit

I've also been working on my own pattern in my head as well .. not sure it'll ever be publishable or for my own amusement. . Specially since there's a ton of sock patterns already

Yeah tomorrow a finished sock

05 October 2016

Third time is definitely a charm!

You'd think this pattern was freeken rocket science with the issues I've been struggling with to get the heel done.

The first time I did the short row turned heel, I did too many wraps and the heel was actually at almost 180 degrees LOL  I was bout ready to bang my head off the wall.

The second time, I kept losing the wraps - how a person can lose wraps is beyond me.  But I refused to give up

And of course because I didn't listen to a friend of mine to put in a lifeline, I had to slowly and painfully tink all those messy nasty stitches back each and every single time.  And we won't even begin to discuss the sneaky stitches that liked to hide out and drop out of sight until 6 rounds later . oh bloodyhell

Finally - it happened!  It worked!!!  I should have maybe done another wrap or two - but this is acceptable!  From this I will be able to draft my own sock pattern that fits me and my wide foot self.  And that is never easy .. we won't even begin to discuss the trauma I suffer when I try to find shoes that fit me.  I'm sure there's other ladies out there that suffer from the same thing - it really is traumatic.

Anywho - lookie!!!  A short row turned heel!  The colour is exactly what I was looking for, the pattern is flowing nicely!  I just have to do 2 1/2 - 3 more rounds and I'll be ready to do the toe - which I've never gotten to knit yet LOL

I'm extremely excited about this.  These socks are going to rock!  And yes - I'll be putting a life line in at the end of this round set.  I'm actually starting to think ahead a bit about my KAL blanket, another sock pattern or even a dish cloth