18 April 2008

I **think** it's done - for now

**mental checklist**
  • quilt gallery uploaded

  • location loaded

  • index page updated with gallery link

  • ideas for new inventory / projects

  • I finally found a tutorial for a gallery in flash that allows me a description without the frufra of a sliding thumbnail images .. Lordy but that was a search and a half .. I found one that gave me the basic instructions for what I wanted to do .. nothing complicated, just easy to use, simple to follow directions with explanations!! Thank God.

    While I was doing this searching and then finally the coding, I had been thinking that I need to have some smaller ticket items in for sale could make the difference between not making my table cost and clearing my table .. some of the ideas are:

    1. scrunchies - 3 or 4 for $1

    2. bookmarks - $1 - could make these with heavy interfacing or craftbatting

    3. knitted dishcloths - $1

    4. knitted pot scrubbies - $1

    5. mini coasters - $1 - I'll call these keyboard koasters - I have one a dear friend gave me for Cmas in 2000 and it lives next to my keyboard - no batting - yes Dottie I still have and use it ;)

    6. quilted postcards - $3.50 - $5.00 - idea for the future, I need to see what regulations Canada Post has on these

    7. or even doing a kit with a coaster, a coffee cup, and a bag of tea / hot chocolate or some hot drink .. cider maybe for the winter months.

    8. doing a buy two reduced price for trivets - I had a lady try to barter with me for trivets, what I should have said was, I'll sell you 2 for .... but I wasn't expecting that and didn't think quick enough .. granted I thought of it AFTER she walked away from my table .. to late :S

    These are all smaller ticket items that ppl can spend their 'pin' money on. I think that's what ppl are looking for at these shows. I know I ALWAYS need scrunchies. And to display these; in the quilted baskets that everyone says are so bloody clever but no one buys :|.

    I have a ton of yarn packed away in the basement .. I'm positive that I didn't give away my needles and case .. I'm hoping that they are in the same box as the yarn .. oh and this is a HUGE box of yarn .. also I'm sure that there is a ton of yarn of my mum's at my dad's house still .. so could get her yarn .. and needles if need be ...

    Also in the back of my mind is getting maybe some baby quilts or wall quilts done - but I also want to get MY quilts done too .. Kyle's quilt, my kitty quilt, the sea scape just needs a binding to be put on it. A friend in the UK wants me to make her a quilt and we've decided on the grandmother's fan in pale colours .. I'm pretty excited about doing this for her and will get started on that soonest :D That way I can add them to my product pages and my quilt gallery.

    I just have to be sure that my webpage is finally all set and I can move forward .. I'm so bloody fussy sometimes ... LOL