03 September 2008

Sections 1 & 2 reporting for duty ..

W ell this is a nice change .. it's 2:48am and I'm actually tired .. so here's a quick entry then I'm off ..

Here's my list of things that I would "LIKE" to get accomplished this week .. nothing on here is super critical to get done (cept email of course and I'm still working on that). I figure that repairing the swap quilt can be done while I am watching football :) starts on Thursday - WOO HOOO ..

  1. last 2 Ohio Star blocks

  2. piece 1800 sections - 4 sections done

  3. September abstract challenge

  4. catch up on mail / ppls blogs

  5. gran's quilt

  6. put rhododendrum wc together - have some great ideas for the quilt part

  7. fix my 97 swap quilt - hand work for tv time

Here's a quick overview of the sections that still need to be pieced - the center section was done months ago, I've finished the double x sections tonite. The blocks are laid out in stitching order for the next 4 sections .. then it's a matter of finding what I did with the backing material (kyle's too while I'm at it) and then quilt as you go :)

I've rather made a decision that I hope I can keep .. I can see where I'll be not following thru wtih this, but oh well .. i'm going to finish up the various projects that are on the go, and TRY not to add anymore until I've quilted them ..they dont have to have the binding on - that's great for tv time, but i do want to get these quilted .. I've a ton of projects in various stages from PIGs to basted .. so time to stop adding and get these quilted .. I do know I'll be doing Carmen's mystery in a few weeks and there are of course the abstract challenges .. so we'll see how I do with trying to follow this ..


  1. OK that is gorgeous. You can send that to me LOL. Hugs. JoyB

  2. Wow, that is awesome! Great work! But about all the work you have backed up--you left out Tricia's challenge :P What colors were you choosing? And if you don't get all the "unfinished work" accomplished by October, there is always Octoberfest Sew in on OST -- little **snickerdoodle** here LOL

  3. What a great star. This quilt is going to be fabulous.


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