05 January 2010

Looping Chalices

After a false start and a really twitty error, I finally got my hat for ME finished. On the chunky cable beret I used the wrong weight. For some stooopid reason I thought that I had a worsted weight yarn while it was a double knit / sport weight. So I was lucky it was big enough to be considered a beanie LOL .. I'll do that one again, with the proper weight yarn.

Now back to the main topic .. my hat .. I wanted a hat that would hold the rat's nest that I call hair in a manageable fashion as well as a hat that wouldn't make me look like a total git .. me and hats .. ICK!! We just do NOT get along - They are not flattering to me in the least - not even ball hats .. So i was looking for a slouchy type beret hat that would cover all these requirements for me .. I sort of found one, but you know how that worked out, so I decided to flip thru a stitch dictionary I have 440 More Knitting Stitches and found a few all over lace patterns that I liked so a swatching I went.


I really liked the horseshoe and the chalice .. the Oriel .. well that was wrong on so many different levels it wasn't funny . something with my yarn over or yarn over needle went wonky .. so that one was out for the time being .. But I opted for the Chalice pattern .. I found it to be delicate and with this specific yarn the details still stood out enough to make out ..

It only took a few day to do, even with some back stitching as i was easily distracted (Oh look, a shiny thing! plus contending with my back again .. But I really do like it and it looks pretty nice on me surprisingly enough!! I was worried that I would look like Toad from Super Mario Brothers, Princess Zelda, but I really don't! Reg rather giggles a bit when he sees it at first .. heartless bugger, but I think that he's more doing that to get under my skin than it looks really awful ..

it IS warm!! I've to write the pattern out to put on FiberBabble pattern Blog as well as make a scarf for me .. I can call this one a success :D