08 March 2012

Chasing My Tail

I needed a break from my scarf, I wasn’t moving along with it as I’ve hoped for a variety of reasons. It is coming along, it IS easy peasy and mindless. Same stitches over and over again .. I don’t even really have to look at the pattern anymore. But, you always need a little project thats super quick to keep you motivated and to keep things moving along.

So an easy, quick break project. I was talking to one of my best friends, and she mentioned (Now i have NO idea how we got on the subject, be that’s how we roll ;)), that you can use mesh bags to make scrubbies for pots. I had just pitched a mesh bag from onions and the idea perked in the back of my brain to do scrubbies with mesh ..

Tonite, I finally emptied another bag, so I took it apart and did some research. All the sites I found said to use 1½ - 2" wide strips (of course they were talking about tulle - pfft) ... well with mesh bags that is just way to thick and the whole bit was scrapped as i had already knotted the strips together, I’ll try the mesh bag again with narrower strips.

I did some hunting and finally found the spiral scrubbie pattern I wanted to make. I made it up really quick and found it was to small, but did realize that the number of stitches used is totally arbitrary. You can use any number of stitches you want as long as you decrease / increase at each end. With using this pattern, my scrubbie ended up being 2½" across, which i think is just a wee bit to small. I remembered that I have some tulle squirrelled away so I dig up a spot on my cutting table and cut strips for the tulle. I ended up using 7 - 8 strips for this pattern with the 18 CO stitches and this scrubby is 3½" - a much better size :)

Circular Scrubby CO 18 sts. (remember you can use whatever number of stitches you want to!!)
Prep Row: Knit
Row 1: Slip 1, K2tog, K13, K1 into the front and K1 into the back of the same stitch (inc), K1
Row 2: Slip 1, K1 into the front and K1 into the back of the same stitch (inc), K13, K2tog, K1
Repeat rows 1 & 2 a total of 10 times. (20 rows). BO all sts.
Seam together CO and BO edges. Draw a string through the slipped sts of one edge, pull tightly and secure. Repeat for the other slip stitch edge.