20 January 2013

Que Sera or Yoked Cardi

A few years ago I bought some yarn at knitpicks that is just so soft and a gorgeous shade of green.  I've been waiting for just the right pattern for this yarn to speak to me. Course with my luck, two spoke to me LOL.  One's a summer sweater and one's for fall.  Mind you, it's winter now, but by the time its done, it'll prolly be spring.

Que Sera
Yoked Cardi
I've done a test swatch and have gotten to good by far of doing yarn overs that dont create holes in my work LOL And of course those yarn overs caused me to create more stitches .. ARRRGGGGHHHH At any rate, I'll frog my swatch again and do a proper yarn over tomorrow :)


  1. CUTE! I like the yoked sweater better - prolly because I can visualize it on you better than the other one. :-)

    1. I was thinking the same .. but I want to wear it when its done lol .. I'll do both .. just what one first

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