03 September 2016

Back I Go

A huge thanks to Fiber Babble!  In response to her comment on my last post I answered my own quandry - If I continued and finished off with different yarn for the toe - not a big deal, but what happens in if the yarn doesn't end in roughly the same place on the 2nd sock?  My OCD beastie wouldn't just twitch, it would convulse like mad!  So back I go to the heel shaping and use a different yarn.

I ran into a small problem when I pulled out the yarn I picked up to finish these socks - they are light fingering weight, while the yarn I've been using is fingering .. ah crap!  The wraps per inch are way short and it could be solved by doubling the yarn, but I can see severe issues when decreasing and trying to pick out the stitches I need - I would go mental and rip out my hair.  It's really to bad as this yarn would be perfect to finish off the socks or even as a contrast yarn for the heels and toes.  DRAT!  Next time check out yarn weight before buying it.  Although I can do other socks with this yarn - so a win there!

I dug into my oddball stash of single skeins and leftovers and found a few that are close in weight, but the colour wasn't the best match.  I picked the best one that is going to be a decent match - it will pull the purple and blue colours out of the yarn.  Should be an interesting mix me thinks.  It will prolly look as good as the pink could - I just had a different look in mind, but that's okay - My original choice was gray or brown.  So I'll be spending most of the day tinking back - the temptation to frog it all and start all over is almost overwhelming as it'll take the same amount of time to get back to the heel shaping, but naw .. don't want to put more frog stress on the beginning of the skein as there's already been enough with all the frogging from the previous sock pattern attempt.

I really am okay with this and not frustrated at all.  I know it's going to be worth it for the final product :)  I'm tempted to try the short row heel method as I do prefer the look of it - I'll decide when I get to that point

Update:  I opted to frog back to the beginning - tinking back all that way was just more than my patience could handle today LOL - I started at the other end of the skein where the yarn hadn't been abused yet.

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