22 January 2017

All the Things

There has been so much going on fibre-wise since my last post when I talked about dyeing yarn.  Never one to sit still when I can learn more fun things, I took my thoughts a step further and thought - I want to try and spin my own yarn!  Yes I said that . spin my own yarn LOL

I've done a lot of research and want to eventually do fingering weight yarn that has been plyed.  It's going to take me a LOT of practice to get there, but I definitely want to learn.  So I found a drop spindle starter kit that included top and bottom whorl spindles, with an ounce of practice roving, and then three ounces of a gorgeous purple green roving that is for when you are better.  From my first attempts, I'm going to say I need more than an ounce of roving to get to that point.

Now to be fair to myself, I only did a little bit of spinning and I didn't do all that bad.  There are spots it's over spun and other where it's under spun.  Spinning has really spoken to me.  Just think, I can make my own yarn and then dye it!  I went to do a bit more spinning last night and I learned that I did NOT leave enough of a 'tail' left to attach more roving, so the first bit I spun is not something I think I can add to - not sure - I'll have to do more research to see if I can, but I think not.

The practice roving fibres are much longer than I expected them to be and it put me off my stride a bit - I think that if I can just get a good rhythm going I should be okay.  The fibre length is called 'staple'.  I want to specialize with the top whorl spindle as that's the one that spins faster and makes the finer yarn, while the bottom whorl spindle goes slower and is great for heavier weight yarn and plying your 'singles' together.  What you see to the left is referred to as a single.  The first initial spin that is only one ply.  I am really happy with this kit as it included both spindles and the price was very reasonable.  I got it from an Etsy shop called The Wooley Whale located in Maine.  Their description was very informative and educational as well.

I've got a few things on my needles.  I know I generally prefer to do one project and finish it before moving on, but certain things conspired so that wasn't possible.  I still have my Stash Killer KAL that I'm working on - I've not touched it in quite a while and I should consider getting back to it soon  I'm almost halfway done with the blocks.  I'd still have to block, then join them - and as this yarn is acrylic I need to do a bit of tap dancing to get it done.  But I've done my research and am ready for it!

Stash Killer KAL
Blossom FIngerless Mitts KAL
Gina;s Owl Mitts
Enya TozUp

Then there's my Enya TozUp that were put aside for the Fingerless Mitts KAL, and then Gina's Owl Mitts - I've been working on them and am halfway thru the foot.  I had a bugger of a time casting the last sock on - I must have made ten attempts at least!  They are knitting up nicely and I'm at the point I just want them done - they've been to long in the making and are almost at the point of hibernating forever if I don't get them done - altho with winter coming, other projects are clamoring for my attention - Like my blog title is .. All the Things!!! LOL  I think I might try knitting two at a time for my next pair of socks.  That requires a magic loop technique and I'm not sure I've circulars that are that size.  I used to do socks with two circulars, but I'm not sure where those went.  I'll keep my eye out for them, but not a bit deal to purchase a US2 in a long enough circular.  I'm still trying to find my perfect stitch count and needle size for socks - I might wait until I find that BEFORE I pick up the circular.

While watching one of my podcasts, there was mentioned the Afterthought Everything Socks - basically what you do is knit a tube, then 'cut' for the heel and toe, pick up the stitches and do an afterthought heel and then the toe.  It's a purchased pattern on Ravelry that is a whole $2 - I figured that she deserved the $2 for thinking of it and putting it to paper!  That is on my list for one of my new colourways where a vanilla sock is better to show of the yarn and let the yarn do the work.  I got a whole bunch of yarn on Knitpicks last 40% off sale, and there's definitely a few skeins that would be perfect for this technique.

The last thing that's on my needs is called the Valanar Cowl MKAL.  It's a mystery KAL that is a non mystery LOL.  It's a cowl for men.  It's gorgeous!  I instantly thought of my step dad.  It's done with worsted weight on US7 needles and should knit up pretty quick.  I did the first clue of 4" of ribbing - clue 2 comes out tomorrow.  He seems to be feeling the cold more since he got out of hospital on January 12.  And the worst of bitter cold is yet to come.  I hope that this will help to keep him warmer - and the yarn I picked it simple put in the washer and dryer with no fuss.

It has beautiful cable work that I'm going to love doing.  It's not a surprise so to speak, but I've not told him about it and have asked the kid to hush about it as well LOL  Granted he has read my blog so if he gets bored he might be reading this.  If so he needs to stop now LOL   I wanted to use a tonal yarn for it and kept eyeballing a green, but it was the wrong hue for the winter coat that he wears and I didn't see a blue that spoke to me - the yarn available was more for feminine projects.  His coat is a dark charcoal with a burgundy ish liner and the green didn't quite fit - so grabbed Lion Brand Heartland in Great Smokey Mountain for ease of care for him.

While I was picking up his yarn, I grabbed a skein of Unforgettable for myself for a cowl - I've been eyeing it every time I see it  With the sale at Michaels - it was a good time to pick it up and it's destined for a cowl for me - I'll be doing colourwork for mine and I'm down to 3 or 4 patterns that I will have to sift down further - it all depends on what's in my stash to go with it - I'm either going to do 2 or 3 colours - been a long time since I've done stranded colourwork and it's starting to speak to me.  Yup  All the things .. I want to knit all the things!!

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