18 November 2009

zip zoom bang ...

Heh ... that's what it feels like .. that I'm zooming along at mach 1 induced speeds doing the st st for the main part of the sweater! I knew that i was going to fly when I got the st st part of the sweater, which is 90% of it I'd say .. the 'ribbing' is the texture and bobbles, and there's a bit of that at the wrists and the button band .. i'm still saving that as my escape hatch for size considerations .. the pattern calls for buttons and a button band .. but I do have that zipper that I bought for the belated hoodie or NOT .. and it does match this just bout perfectly too! So I do have the option of turning this into a zipper cardi .. or doing the button and adding some 'room' if need be ..

Yes I'm all paranoid about the size on this .. can't say I blame me after the fiasco of the last one .. and my math was right! This time I'm just going to totally avoid it by following the pattern as close as I can with little or no modifications.

Once the back is done, then there's the front to do, then the sleeves .. and I'll do my normal trick of doing both sleeves at the same time .. that way I can copy my mistakes from sleeve to sleeve .. and no I'm not about to be stupid enough to ask .. what kind of a mistake can I make in just st st .. heh .. yeah right ..i am sooooo NOT going there ..

As for the recycled materials project, my friend Gina is developing an online community for it where we are going to have chat if I understood her correctly, email, photo albums and everything .. this is just going to be awesome! She's working like a fiend on it, has trashed it at least twice so far because she wasn't happy with it LOL .. poor gina ..

Just a recap .. we've expanded the challenge to include any project that you want to do .. the only requirement is that MUST be a recycled material - meaning got from the thrift store, dragged out of your husbands (or your) closet, attic, basement where ever you may find it - so have fun hunting and digging for your materials for the 2010 challenge .. and you can make as many projects as you want!