18 November 2012

Brioche .. Bagged

Finally, I got back to my scarf ... took the threat of snow to get me moving tho .. but its finally done .. This was such an easy pattern to do, least it was once I found a pattern that make sense to me! I shared my 'adventures' with you in this blog post

Now I'm digging round for a slouchy beret pattern  that uses a cable like this .. Think I need to do a combination of two patterns that I found on Ravelry ..the band from this pattern ... (I can do the brioche stitch for it if I want)  Having an issue deciding between Star Crossed Slouchy Berry or Spring Beret. I'm leaning towards the Star Crossed one as its a more slouchy version and I dont have to fuss with the pattern


  1. I haven't done brioche stitch yet -- at least, not that I know of!

    The scarf looks wonderful:-)

    I've done the Spring Beret and have had Star-Crossed on my list for DD for a long time.

    So MANY wanna-dos!

    Hope you're well. I suppose Kyle is all grown up and moved out by now, eh? (Where does the time go???)

  2. You crack me up .. why is it when i wonder how you're doing, you pop up with a comment on my page :)

    Kyle is in his last year of high school .. did his apps for university :| OMG LOL time?? it was just here a minute ago .. keep misplacing the bloody thing LOL

    the brioche stitch is soooo easy .. you do auto pilot on it .. dun even have to think bout it

    HUGE hugz lady <3


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