03 November 2016

TozUp Enya - It's begun

Going from fingering weight yarn on US2 bamboo needles to light fingering weight yarn on US1 metal needles has been an adjustment.  Bamboo which have a certain stickiness to them; the metal are super slippery and I've done the battle of dropped stitches and not being able to find them more than once LOL  It's proven especially tricky doing the magic toe cast on with those itty bitty stitches ... Definitely a learning curve going on here, but I'm still having fun and am learning quite a bit - foremost - bamboo needles rock and I've got a few sizes on order.

I was surprising to me that there wasn't a lot of light fingering weight sock patterns that appealed to me - there is a difference (enough of a difference) between fingering and light fingering that would have made the size all messy - Finally I decided on Enya and so far I'm not disappointed - I just have to get my fingers doing this weight and needle size with no thought - it'll come :)

There's only 3 sets of cables so far in the lace pattern for the foot - not sure if there are more in the leg part.  The pattern is pretty easy for the most part; there's 2 rows I'm struggling with - I'm thinking it's because of the way I'm doing YO between purl stitches - of course I've frogged it a few times  - bloody dropped stitches!  That should be my battle cry.

There will be enough of this yarn left and the pink skein that I might be able to do a pair of colour work socks .. we'll just have to see