31 October 2016

Sunset toes up - almost there

First there was one, then there is two!  I'm so glad I'm done with these, but I'm not happy with the bind off.  While I've got enough room, they're just a smidge to tight at the top even with using US3 for the bind off.  So as usual, I've done research and there's a ton of hits for stretchy bind off.  I'm tempted to undo the bind off and do the stretchy bind off so I'm 100% happy with them.  They fit well and sit well on my feet and legs.  There's just that bit of tightness.  I don't have this issue with casting on.

The second sock knit up with no issues with the heel as I resorted to using stitch markers to keep track of where I was at with my heel turn/wrap and while I didn't have to back up, I still have to practice more :)

The patterning in the yarn worked well with this pattern and I am happy with result and how it looks
Not sure why one side of the heel is loose and the other is spot on.  Could be the fact that one is on the purl side and the other on the knit.  I'm not really sure.  I do know that one stitch seemed to be 'longer' on the needle than the rest.  I tried to keep the pressure off the end stitches, but apparently I didn't keep enough pressure off the stitch.  I'll figure it out and of course practice makes perfect.

Now to find a nice patterned sock to use with a solid colour yarn.  I've the kettle dyed green yarn that I'm still working to find the perfect pattern.