18 July 2008

Chimney Sweep Test Block

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I would be doing a test block of the Chimney Sweep block. I really enjoyed piecing this one, much more than the Washington Sidewalk - but that could have been headache hangover at that point. I either need to make my squares for my HSTs and QSTs slightly larger, or do a narrower seam - both of these blocks are just a smidge to small - and i did do a spot-on ¼" seam - So, i'll cut one block slightly larger and go from there .. ten-to-one, I'll have it perfect by block 12 - oh wait .. I'm only doing 12 :S.

As you can see, while my edges are better on this block, they still aren't right and the block is smaller than 11"

This might be the block I end up using .. Seeing both side-by-side on my cutting table, I just like the look of the Chimney Sweep more and it has nothing to do with the dark green I used either.

I still need to make up my mind on whether this block will be to busy for the quilt at this time. While waiting for my book (**note to self .. nudge dad on this one ... ), I'll play with some other blocks - I might even do a log cabin .. we'll just have to see .. I did get a wealth of information on blocks from this period from Clues in the Calico - heh, but NOTHING compared to 4,000 blocks (!!)