13 July 2008

Decisions?? ya right .. pfft

Here I sit, staring at my puter screen - looking from one image to the other - and just not being able to make up my mind .. I like the first one .. then I don't .. then the next one .. then I don't .. **sigh** I just canNOT make up my mind .. it would prolly be easier if I did the test blocks first or did the math to see what one fits with what i have ...

On a good note .. Since yesterday was my bday, I decided to ask my dad if he would buy me a book. He goes what book is that .. I replied with Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns .. We were just on the way home from going out to supper and were going past Chapters and pulled in .. did a quick search and none of the stores in windsor have that book .. grrr .. so when he heads to the states (preferably BEFORE his next day of work - Tuesday), he'll grab it for me :D I sent him the link for it, and also there was a review about pages being repeated .. so also asked him to be sure that he wasn't a victim of duplicate pages - it appears that one of the printings had an issue with that - one of the reviews on amazon.com listed the pages that were duplicated and I sent that to him and suggested he print it out and bring it with him ... I'm sooo hoping he goes tomorrow :D heh .. who knows .. i might find OTHER blocks to use instead :D

I think I'm going to set up a poll and see what YOU think .. my decision process has totally stalled. :S

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