02 July 2008

Double X blocks done

That was easier-ish than I expected .. oh you caught that 'ish' did you??? All in all, it went pretty good .. there was a few cutting "oops" and a few sewing "What did I do now?" But all in all they went together well. A few of the points are off, but that's okay .. I'm not to worried about it .. and I only managed to sew 2 sections together backwards :) .. I must be improving .. or else it's a deep reluctance and avoidance of wanting to do frog stitch?

Well so far for this quilt, I've a number of blocks / sections done:

  1. Underground RR blocks - however they will be used

  2. Center section - Ohio Star; Sisters Blocks

  3. Double X sections

I stlll need to do:

  1. Ohio star blocks - 8 blocks

  2. sisters Blocks - 16 blue; 4 purple

  3. Simplex Star - 12 blocks

I'm feeling a need to do a quick project .. not sure why, but I find myself thinking of doing a little quiltlet while I'm piecing blocks together. Maybe it's because I've had to go back to the beginning on this quilt so many times already?? I just NEED to do something and 'finish' it - I'm either thinking of a small watercolour or a scene using appliquilt .. if you can believe it, I'm thinking swimming fishies .. no clue why ... but i am :S .. ah well .. we'll have to see where I'm sitting with this later.

I think that I got a bit of what bit Kyle the other day .. just didn't sleep well at all the other night and wasn't feel good yesterday evening at all .. ended up NOT eating the chicken that I bbq'd for supper and instead had scrambled eggs and toast around 10m or so .. feeling better now .. but esh .. I really do not like feeling icky!!