20 April 2016

Gotta love tools!!

While I still love my Vogue Knitting book, and it's been my go to reference for over 20 years (yes, I said 20 years), I LOVE the internet for the various videos and quick image references, and ravelry of course.

When I was struggling with casting on stitches in the middle of my work, I wasn't able to find what I was looking for in my book, so off to google I went.  I was lucky to find a video on crochet cast on that worked like a charm.  It was short . I'm not known for having a lot of patience to listen to a long winded explanation - my attitude is, get to the bloody point and show me what I want, and this one did show me that and I was able to get back to work :D  yay me!!!!

It had also been so long since I had to do any sort of knit math, that I was rather at a loss and didn't trust my formula, so back to google I went and found 2 calculators to figure the increases and decreases (on the same site even)

Needless to say, I'm happy with the results and am feeling great confidence in my work.  I've already got the increases, cast off, cast on for the 'heel' section and decreases, and am on my way to the pattern part for the final 'leg' - pun intended LOL

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