27 April 2016

I hate making mistakes!

Excuse me while I gnash my teeth and kick walls or some such thing .. FECK!  My plans tonight consisted of watching tv and finishing the 2nd yoga sock - I left off last night with only having to do 3 rows of ribbing.   I was pretty happy bout having this done.

Finished binding off, admired my pretty sock, and then placed it next to the first one ... bloody feckn hell - WTH did I do wrong???  They truly look like two separate orphans from different families - hell different countries even.  ARGH

I'm so ticked at myself.  I knew I messed up the ribbing on the first sock with only doing 5 rows of ribbing instead of 10 - ok - no worries, pick up and rib the needed 5 rows.  But this .. pfft .. this is gonna need more than 5 rows of ribbing LOL  ARGH!!!!!

Needless to say, frog stitch time for the 1st sock.  Mayhaps the 2nd one too.  I did make a measurement mistake on the top, but figured I could live with that and just reproduce it in the 2nd .. ya oh kay .. that worked out just fine .. pfft  I was going to make all corrections in the 2nd pair I make for myself in the Cyan yarn

I want to get one sock down pat before I do the pair my friend wants.  So froggy stitch time - here I come and bind on 64 stitches for the upmtenth time for these socks.

Ravely Project Page - http://www.ravelry.com/projects/gquilts/yoga-socks-153

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