18 April 2016

I had a yearning!

Yes it's been quite a while since I've been here, figured it was time to say hello - So hello blog world :)

 I've been having this strong urge for the past week to knit.  I kept looking at this pattern and I knew I had 2 skeins each of Paton's Kroy socks yarn - one in Mulberry and another in Cyan Stripes.  I've rather been losing my mind with being off work since October due to back issues, I figured it'd be good therapy for me to do something creative.  I can't quilt since I can't bend over my cutting table, and cutting fabric while sitting down just isn't going to happen - not if I want to do accurate cuts.  So instead of continuing to feel sorry for myself - I opted to knit.

I picked these because sometimes my feet get a bit cold while doing yoga and this is the perfect way to not slip.

So far so good - a few re-learning curves stumbled into and solved.  I have to go back and try and pick up the stitches at the beginning of the first sock as I did 5 rnds of P1 K1 ribbing instead of 10.  I'm pretty sure I can figure out a way to pick them up and make the socks the same - although I might frog the sock as I mussed up the pattern stitch in the first half of the sock.  Granted I'll be the only one that sees it, all depends on how my OCD handles it.  Prolly not so to well as I keep eyeing it LOL

I keep hoping to find my US 3 circs as I prefer knitting on circ rather than DPN.  Only issues is half my knitting / quilting stuff is packed and I've no idea what box it's in.  It was hard enough to find the right yarn box!

A friend of mine saw my pic on fb and is interested in a pair  She offered to pay for the yarn and labour.  I just have to figure out how to figure that out.  This lady is the first one that introduced me to yoga so I'm tempted to just gift them to her - if she'll accept.  We'll see.