08 June 2008

Do I or Don't I??

I've a minor quandry on my hands .. The fabric on the left is a reproduction fabric - the fabric on the right .. i'm not sure about ...

I've done some research and had some ladies help me with research as well regarding calico's in the 1800's and civil war era .. well the calico of the time, is our muslin of today .. so doing a search by 'calico' wasn't going to work .. i've gotten more search terms and am hunting them down now .. if i find one that comes close the one on the right, i'll be using that :D .. might even use it for my wide border .. i think that would offset the other colours nicely .. but again .. do I or don't I???

I'm just not sure as it doesn't really have the 'look' about it as fabric of the time did .. the hunt begins .. if anyone has a link to a reproduction fabric that is similar, please shoot me the link please ;)