08 June 2008

Underground Railroad Block with the browns

I decided to scan in the material that I was thinking for the background of the Underground Railroad block and 'play' with it as it were. I'm rather impressed with it .. the brown for the inner block looks rather darker than actual .. looks almost black .. but it's a deep chocolate brown .. I didn't adjust it - for one, I didn't think of it, and two, the blues and yellows are actually pretty spot on .. but the monochrome vines is almost actual .. doesn't look to bad .. Altho, the more I look at it .. I might just scan in a whole bunch of the fabrics so I can get a better idea instead of using the filler colours ..

I'll have to look at this for a bit before I decide totally .. but I rather do like it :D The two browns together with the bernatex background fabric work well together

Odd colour combination .. but it seems to work .. !!

And I've gotten lucky again .. it was suggested to me that I do my math with 40" as the newer fabrics aren't as wide as what I grew up with .. Since my fabrics were older, I decided to check them as this appears to be new ..

All of my yardage is 44 - 45" wide :D :D :D .. so that means my math is good and my fabrics are good to go ..

oh Lordy .. that means I have to commit to cutting this stuff out now :\ ..