10 June 2008

Underground Railroad sections

Okay .. Now I'm getting excited .. oh Lordy 4:30am this time :S .. I redid the math and according to my numbers, I can use all the chocolate brown for my background in the underground rr section along with the fabrics that looked stunning on their own .. each of these is a ½ yd measure and I need just under that .. my cutting had BETTER be perfect .. I guess this will be measure 4 times, cut once and no tears :)

I used photoshop to set this up by section .. now the patterns are NOT to scale, but the colours are spot on .. that was one thing that I did make sure of .. I was not that adventurous in my frustration last nite when I scanned them all in .. I just wanted them in at that time .. but these are going to look great .. better than I anticipated :D

The pattern in the bottom right image is MUCH smaller than is show .. the scale is wayyy off in these, but I was more interested in the actual colour 'feel' than pattern scales being on .. with the exception of this one, you get a good feel for the colours and look in these sections ..

Another good thing is that if i make mistakes, there is still my monochrone brown with vines that I can use as a backup for these as it looks pretty close ..

Oh boy .. Now I feel like I can cut and am actually getting somewhere .. I'm off to bed .. and of course I'll be thinking about these blocks as i'm trying to fall asleep :D