30 June 2008

Kyle's Bday; colour plots n schemes

Today, Kyle turned 13 years old .. wow .. it just seems like yesterday that he was born - where does the bloody time go ..

My dad came over and we grilled burgers on the grill and then had cake for his bday .. he was still feeling a bit off today so no ice cream as I keep him off dairy when he's like this, but then we opened his presents .. he LOVED his boom box and his game .. Reg and him put his box together then he vanished for a bit to listen to CDs .. we need to get the adaptor for his iPod still - we forgot that in the running around yesterday and then he played his game for a bit .. this one is harder than last years .. the pitching is different .. but he's going to have fun with it and the look on his face when he opened his presents was priceless :) .. he even said to me "mum I had a really good day today .. Thank you .. " .. l was like .. you're welcome .. with my mouth was hanging open ..

So far not a lot done quilt-wise .. did quality family time instead and consider myself coming out ahead ..

I'm going to cut the rest of the fabric for the Double X blocks and get those sections together .. then I might work on the simplex stars .. I've ideas / plots n plans in my head for colours, but it might be a good idea to continue working from the middle out block / colour wise - that way I can make the necessary colour adjustments as needed .. I KNOW that I want the simplex stars to be greens and blues .. the middle sisters will be purple; I and doing the Double X in reds .. now the outer sisters will be blue .. the blocks that i will have to be careful with colourwise will be the Ohio Stars and the outer sisters ..

I would really like the outer sisters to be blue and if I go that route, i have a paisley that is blue on pink that would work very well for the Ohio Star .. heh .. this quilt is very much flying by the seat of my pants ..

I'm not sure if I'm going to leave the corners as the solid Underground RR or use the other ones that have the split background .. I'll just have to put them next to the blocks and make my mind up then.

Well off to cut then - will post pics later maybe ....

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