05 May 2016

Breathing a bit easier

I've been plodding along re-doing this second sock, maybe a bit nervous as to how it would turn out.  I've never quite had an experience where two parts of the same piece turned out so differently.  So that makes a person a wee bit cautious on the third go round.  Gotta love how each piece allows me new ways to 'learn' LOL  It's never a failure, just a new way to learn another technique :)

I'm past the halfway point and about to start the pattern for the bottom part. This is rather like doing my brioche scarf - same 8 rows - for forever LOL - I should know it by heart soon enough LOL

So far it seems to look like the other one - I finally braved a side by side, and am pleased with it.  I'm even getting a good grip on the crochet cast on - I just need a way to close up the gap that's left by the slip knot cast on - that'll just take practice to get it smaller.  I've done a close up in this pic and sharpened the area where the knot started.  You would have to know it was where I started to see it.  Okay - I'm good with that - it's better than I expected :)

Yeah Me - Mulberry Yoga Socks

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