06 October 2016

Twenty something ....

I'm almost afraid to say it out loud. ... ive almost finished one whole sock. . It's only taken almost two months. 

I'm super confident and excited that I'll have a complete sock ., yes it's just one I know ., but I'm thinking how quick the next one will go .. my son and friend are having a blast saying it's almost time to frog it again ... the abuse I take lol

All the lumps and bruises got taken out on this one lol ,, I almost feel sorry for the poor thing .. almost.  I learned a lot and will take what I learned forward to its buddy and all other victims ... errr other docks I knit

I've also been working on my own pattern in my head as well .. not sure it'll ever be publishable or for my own amusement. . Specially since there's a ton of sock patterns already

Yeah tomorrow a finished sock