05 October 2016

Third time is definitely a charm!

You'd think this pattern was freeken rocket science with the issues I've been struggling with to get the heel done.

The first time I did the short row turned heel, I did too many wraps and the heel was actually at almost 180 degrees LOL  I was bout ready to bang my head off the wall.

The second time, I kept losing the wraps - how a person can lose wraps is beyond me.  But I refused to give up

And of course because I didn't listen to a friend of mine to put in a lifeline, I had to slowly and painfully tink all those messy nasty stitches back each and every single time.  And we won't even begin to discuss the sneaky stitches that liked to hide out and drop out of sight until 6 rounds later . oh bloodyhell

Finally - it happened!  It worked!!!  I should have maybe done another wrap or two - but this is acceptable!  From this I will be able to draft my own sock pattern that fits me and my wide foot self.  And that is never easy .. we won't even begin to discuss the trauma I suffer when I try to find shoes that fit me.  I'm sure there's other ladies out there that suffer from the same thing - it really is traumatic.

Anywho - lookie!!!  A short row turned heel!  The colour is exactly what I was looking for, the pattern is flowing nicely!  I just have to do 2 1/2 - 3 more rounds and I'll be ready to do the toe - which I've never gotten to knit yet LOL

I'm extremely excited about this.  These socks are going to rock!  And yes - I'll be putting a life line in at the end of this round set.  I'm actually starting to think ahead a bit about my KAL blanket, another sock pattern or even a dish cloth