13 October 2016

One sock .. two sock!!! YEA ME

Two months to the date, I can call this project finally finished!  They feel so great on my feet and are going to be nice and toasty warm!  Not that I'm a huge fan of snow, but I say with these socks I can handle it!

I did learn a lot on these socks.  I do like doing the short row turn heel; the different coloured toes and heels are pretty cool looking - not a huge fan of this toe type though  I did a kitchener stitch for the toe which was fine and worked out well - but the toe is boxy looking.  Maybe having less stitches would make it less boxy looking??  Not sure - I'll play with different types of toes to figure out the best look.

These socks are a wee bit to long for my feet, but I imagine there's going to be some shrinkage on this yarn.  I hope not though as the amount they're to long isn't enough to worry me  I will use the delicate setting for the washing and drying of these socks with this yarn.

I've several skeins to try different socks and bamboo needles of different sizes.  I picked up Socktacular and it shows me how to make several different styles of heels and toes - toe up - cuff down.  Squeeeeeee  LOL  I know .. I've lost it, but it's so much fun losing it.

Now to decide what to make next - another pair of socks, a few dishcloths, or another block in my KAL blanket.  decisions - decisions

Ravelry Link - Midnight Oil Socks

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