24 October 2016

Notes on Threes

There is truth in The third times the charm. Took me three patterns before I found one that worked well with this yarn. I've found several gorgeous ones for solid colours and they are on my list for the solid colours I've got. And of course there is the green kettle dyed yarn I've got which needs the perfect pattern. But this one, had me scratching my head. The stripes in the yarn made it tricky for a texture pattern and cable patterns do not work well with any sort of multicolour yarn. I found Sunset Scales on Ravelry that spoke to me and spoke with this yarn very well.  Easy to memorize - another increase and decrease pattern that is very easy to do that looks stunning and way more complicated than it actually is.

This is a Toe Up pattern.  I tried three (2nd set of three) different  ways to do start the pattern and finally settled on (and fell in love with), Judy's Magic Cast On shown in video - I use the Thumb Long Tail Cast On so this method is in my wheelhouse!  This is by far the easiest way to cast on for a Toe Up sock!  I love the challenging patterns cause it means that I learn something new / different each time!

My next set of three (hopefully the last three) attempts is my short turn heel row.  Yes, it actually took me three attempts to get it to the point where I am somewhat satisfied with the result.  I know I can do a better job on the heel; it's just going to take a bit more practice.  The reason I let it be is that the 'holes' fall in line with the lacey holes in the pattern.  Part of my issue with the heel this time is that the multicolour yarn made it difficult to see the bumps that are created when the yarn is wrapped.  I finally fell back on using stitch markers to keep track of where I last wrapped and turned.  That solved the issue, but doesn't look all that great - just going to take a bit of practice.  And less abused yarn LOL  The things I do yarn while I knit and screw up patterns haha

One thing that I'm surprised and very pleased about is these actually fit nicely with only 58 sts cast on!  I'm using size US2 bamboo needles - even with my wide foot, you can see that this fits me just right.  I'm not a huge fan of super tight socks at all - Just a wee bit snug.  The toe looks a bit wonky, I have read there's a way to get it right or left slanting.  That will be a step in the future for perfecting a toe up sock pattern

I like these!  I'm pleased with the progress and what I've learned :)  Yea Me!!

Ravelry Link - Sunset Toes Up