29 December 2007

Bits N Pieces .. Pieces N Bits

Today I perfected reverse stitching :S. I had the 1st two rows sewn together and had added the 3rd. I really wish that I had checked the block BEFORE I finished all 16 of them .. bah .. I had them together backwards .. I'm sure that makes no sense, but when you think of the squared colours going on the diagonal .. that makes perfect sense .. i had row 3 for row 4 and row 4 for row 3. So I perfected my reverse stitching technique :D. Got them all back together again and now his blocks are all going the right way .. I laid them out and am actually liking this. I wasn't to sure on the background fabric - I still think that I should have reversed it so it was more understated; but Reg doesn't care and all laid out it looked pretty good. I just have to square the blocks now and will do Kyle's at the same time.

I also got together the package that needs to go to Ruth; got her fabric together to ship with the attic windows quilt. I'm really excited about sending this to her ... I'm just happy that this quilt finally has a home :D

Hmmm .. I have my kitty quilt percolated in the back of my mind and may start a drawing of it to see how it looks ..

My To Do for tomorrow is:
  • square and piece reg's quilt top
  • square and piece kyle's quilt top

    I actually managed to find **some** of my handquilting thread and will work on my various hand quilting wallhangings while watching football on Sunday .. I'm really looking forward to that .. especially the WC wallhanging that I call my Spats Kitty .. I managed to find a cat fabric where the cat looked very very very simliar to my Spats and with him not being with us anymore, I'm really looking forward to finishing it and getting it up on the wall ..

    It's nice to have some projects crossed off my To Do list since I've liberated my quilting stuff.