23 December 2007

Quilt Quandry - what to do first?!?!?!?

For various reasons, i've not been able to quilt for roughly 5 - 6 years. for 4 - 5 of that time, my beloved fabric and sewing machines have been packed away in boxes. With the new house I gots a room that is shared with the computer (but of course ;)) that's for MY QUILTING :D :D :D>

As i'm unpacking my fabric, i'm getting all excited - it was like i was getting together with long lost friends. All my kitty fabrics, reproductions, watercolour fabrics, UFOs that are now WIPs ;) (amazing how not having something stare at you in the face for several years changes it's status!) ... then the quandry sets in - what to do first.

  • Kyle needs a new quilt since he's moved up to a double bed in the new house (but i've one in the works from a few years ago that might be big enough). Other quandry on this, the prints are almost to young for him; trucks and honey bees (pooh bear type honey bees), the other two fabrics should be fine.
  • Lap quilt for reg - his will be with his favourite sports teams logos on it and sports related blocks.
  • my kitty quilt - only been plotting this one for about 10 years - still plotting
  • sunny stars swap i did a few years ago
  • 2 quilts for our bed; one winter one summer
  • finish quilting a charity quilt for sunshine i that is 1 hour from being finished note to self - find out where to send it

    so essentially; 3 bed quilts (2 king and 1 double), 2 lap quilts, 1 charity quilt and other various WIPs (hand quilted kitty wall hanging, doll quilt (selling this item), Charity Attic Windows, kyle's bed quilt from a few years ago, sunny star swap blocks .. i think that i have them all ..