31 December 2007

Kyle's Quilttop is together

Kyle's top has been put together finally. I had a devil of a time getting those corners to match up and in some cases, they are way off and it's not the type of ooboo that you can quilt out. I'm rather disappointed, but it's not even close to as bad as it was before I squared the blocks. His border is going to hopefully pull away from the crooked diamonds. His border should make up really fast. I'm thinking of maybe doing scrappy yellow blocks surrounded by blue or red. I need to make the middle border wider than I normally would to make sure that it's going to be wide enough for his bed. It'll prolly end up beingalmost 5" wide - I normally do 3" wide middle border with a 1 - 2" inner border. I have to make sure that I leave enough room at the edge of the diamonds to compensate for the binding ..I do not want to cover up the corners of it. Heh .. more math ;)

For reg's quilt I still have to change the logos to outlines and print it on paper then cut them out. Won't take long .. being a graphic artist has many advantages ;) Especially since I have the programs I need to do that very quickly without having to do a lot of tracing and erasing. I'm not sure what border I'm going to do for reg's quilt - maybe a 9 patch in the corners.

I did some hand qulting today on my Spats WC quilt. One more butterfly to do on the top, then the borders and voila .. I'm done. I'm just picking away at that one - no hurry for that - it's waited this long.

Still thinking of my Sunny Stars in the back of my mind .. they are all yellow lemoyne stars on a blue background (no inset seams) I have this in rotary cutting instructions and paper piecing - if interested drop me a line and I'll shoot them over to you .. i have them in pdf. I arranged a swap where I traded stars with other ladies from all over the world .. i have blocks from Australia, South American, South Africa and of course the US and Canada .. I'm really looking forward to making this up .. I would like to do this on point with alternating light and dark backgrounds .. I think that it might look really nice!

Okay, I'm blethering .. I think that i'm stalling from doing border designs LOL