29 December 2007

Reverse Stitch Champion

I swear I am the world's best reverse stitcher - I'm starting to break speed records :S .. Somehow I managed to put the wrong edges together again .. even AFTER taking it apart and putting it all together right, I have no clue how I did it. But it's done and i opted to veer slightly away from the original design as Reg didn't really like the "blank" hole in the middle .. so this way I don't have to figure out what to put there .. with him coaching a Snr Boys Basketball team at one of the local high schools, I'm sure I could have figured it out tho LOL ...

After laying the top on the floor when it was finally pieced the 'right' way, I the dark blue and the dark red near the lighter green plus signs really popped out at me .. so i'm going to use those fabrics for the border. I was almost thinking of a 9 or 4 patch border .. I might even have a 3x irish chain kicking around here, but a more than likely a boxed border in the middle will be the way I will go. Still mulling that one over.. (until I get the backing for this quilt and kyle's) it won't go to much beyond the logos in the middle of the blocks, borders and marking. So I have a wee bit of time to figure it out.

Hmmm .. i think I'm going to try and incorporate reverse or backup in the name LOL!! Any suggestions???

Squaring the blocks for both quilts went amazingly well considering all the backing up i've had to do lately ... I was getting worried that I would make a serious oops and have a boo boo block.

I'm going to pull out my Singer 15-91 and put the top together for kyle's quilt. I've done all the piecing so far on my featherweight and the quilting was done on a singer 248 - Just have to oil it and wait a wee bit and I should be ready to go .. maybe tomorrow to finish kyle's top as i want to watch the pats go 15-0 -a perfect season :D :D .. Gots handquilting ready to go for this.

I did have some excitement .. one of my cats (Pixel) decided he was going to bring a mouse he found int the basement in my office to play with :| .. I'm like .. you're kidding me .. he drops it, the mouse takes off, pixel gets the mouse again, THEN the dog decides she wants into the act .. I'm like .. ENOUGH .. Pixel grabs the mouse and heads downstairs - LOL he was actually ready to defend his catch against Orion (She's a 65lb lab .. and a total suck too - she likes to think that she's a lapdog) ROLFMBO .. that is just to funny .. when he went to the basement he must of dropped the mouse again and the brat lost it again .. this time he couldn't find it .. complained about it for a good hour too!! Ah well .. we have 2 cats and will have mouse traps tomorrow .. I'm not worried about it

Kyle's quilt is going to have a seminole / harlequin type border as he has the diamonds in his .. I think that will accent the quilt very nicely!