23 December 2007

Fabric's been traded - Thank you!

These fabrics have all gone to their new homes .. thank you for looking :)

During the liberation of my fabrics from their imprisonment in boxes, I've come across fabric that I purchase for Kyle. Needless to say these prints are no longer age appropriate. What I would like to do is trade fabric for them. I'm looking for more masculine / sports type fabrics. Plaids would be good as well. I've various yardages all are 100% cotton and 45" wide.

This is a smoke-free home, but does have pets - cats and a dog. Would be more than willing to rewash fabric and package up right afterwards. I would like to get same size pieces if at all possible. I do apologize for the quality of the scans, but i had to blur them a bit in order to tone down the grain showing up in the scans.