13 February 2008

Border Run ..

Yesterday I was going to attach my borders - measure my quilt, almost perfectly square :D .. just a 1/2" difference top to bottom and side to side i am plus/minus 1/8" of 48" .. I did my math and realized i was going to be pretty close with my fabric. Believe it or not, there was just TOOO much purple GASP I never thought I would EVER say that LOL. so the border was a great way to create some space between the top and border. But then i remembered that my original math did call for one border with different fabrics in it .. so I got to thinking - what could i do that wouldn't detract from my kitties .. Linda Marie in NJ inspired me to use a piano key border (Thank you!!!). I decided to do angle cuts so i could have wonky strips .. I've cut these long enough to use this as my binding as well. Heh and at this point, I've got enough strips cut that I can do a kitty fabric sting quilt.

I got a sizable enough piece stitched and cut and put it up against the quilt top - I cut it 4 1/2" wide (4"finished) - hmmm .. i think i have to much border (!) **HELLASIGH** I'm so cursed some days me thinks .. I thought a bit, and said .. narrower .. so i moved the border over by half and it really does look MUCH better - In the pics i took, the wider version looks better .. but live the narrower one is better. Gives it a more distinctive frame

I think that I'm going to do the narrow .. create a nice 'frame' and contrast and separate the kitties from the outer border. heh .. also, i've got my strips half done then if i cut these in half ;)

My mouse inspector Kyle even says that the narrower one is better - amazingly enough this kid has some great taste and makes some really good choices for colours and clothes. Must be genetic - from MY side ;)