16 February 2008

Life is funny & sort of scarey too

Wow does life take a few odd turns on ya! I've been thinking about selling my quilts, and it's been on my mind more and more. We got our weekly pennysaver and I was looking in it for the retired sewing machine repair tech to come look at my 248 - he does adjustments for $12.50 .. i got 2 other machines he can adjust :D (featherweight and 15-91), when I saw this ad for Vendors Wanted. Bake and Craft sale at one of the local clubs. Well the price for the table seemed reasonable to me; $25 for 6ft, and $30 for 8 ft. So I started to think. I called the lady and talked to her, she said that she really didn't remember any quilters from last year but they had a lot of other things - so after talking to reg, my dad, and a few other friends, I've made the decision to sell my stuff.

What's great about this fair is that it's the first one after all the wedding shows in january and it's before the first huge one that is normally held in Forest Glade here .. will have to check out the show too :D So there will be a lot of people there.

I'm not going to do bed quilts for the show, but will sell them off my site - and lap quilts too, as I don't think that they will sell, but smaller items such as trivets, pot holders, table toppers, runners, smaller wall hangings, maybe some of those appliquilt blocks that are swimming around in the back of my head .. Pin cushions (not many – just a few in case) .. Coasters with a spring easter theme .. I think I’ll get Michigan Left ready to sell) .. IF I get my kitty quilt done, I'll bring that for display, maybe reg's quilt - but we'll see on that .. don't really want a law suit LOL

Since I have no experience in this, have no clue about the market, I'm more like shooting fish in a barrel or throwing a LOT of spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Worse case senario – I break even or make no money and learn a LOT :D .. $25 – $30 for the learning experience is acceptable .. For one day ..

Judy is hunting links and send them to me (Thank you Thank you Thak you)

Oh geeze all I have to do; :\ Price tags, figure out a display, get my inventory built up - I think I'm a wee bit overwhelmed right now, but know that if I take it one step at a time, I'll be okay .. finding and deciding what to make to sell will be the hardest .. oh geeze I HATE not knowing the market .. with me being an advertising / marketing grad this just goes against my grain and training LOL - I have to do business cards, do my site - I'll advertise on kijiji.com and point that towards my website for local sales .. heck even not local .. have postage :D

OH geeze .. make business cards, update my site (no graphic change, just content), take photos of my done quilts and put them in a photo album, bags for sold items, bags for the quilts?? and there is NO such thing as a cheap pillow case (!), do i have a big enough stash!??! EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK

** Grace has just started to run around the room screaming and shouting .. we return you to to your regularly scheduled programming - she'll be fine ;)**