24 February 2008

Inventory & Our Health

It's been beautiful weather. We opened the windows yesterday to air the house out after Reg gave the dog another bath .. she was getting a certain skunky air about her again. The first time she was sprayed she was lucky that a wooden fence took most of the hit - not this time.. it got her full bore in the neck .. phewwww - stinky dog .. but it was nice to get some fresh air in the house. We are all still sick .. well reg and I - Kyle feels better today - which is a good thing! Reg is a good patient .. Thank God!!

I did manage to get some inventory done, altho looking at it now, you can tell I'm not feeling good when I'm doing this. I did 2 mats and a basket yesterday. I wanted to do a binding around the edge of one, but i should have made the strips wider .. I did 3/4" - next time I'll do an inch .. it doesn't stand out like i want it to, seems a lot smaller. I did variegated thread on the one with the border and yellow thread on the rectangular one. Heh, I'm running out of motifs that i want to use for quilting these, there are only so many hearts, butterflies, and flowers that a body and can :S

Here's one of the many baskets that I did, this is the first one that I modified back to a 9 patch block. It turned out pretty good, but I can see mistakes in my my quilting that I may go back and fix, or I could save this one for a display model. I still have to tack the sides down. For the insides I used a hand-dyed pink that I did many years ago .. I still really want to find my dyes, I miss doing that! You get the neatest results from it!