14 February 2008

Kitty Quilt squaring / Borders

Yesterday and today I tackled borders. I decided on going narrow with the piano keys border - it seems to me that the wider one just took from the whole quilt .. i had qualms about using kitty fabric as these aren't kitties, but with all the colours and fabrics used in this quilt, it was the easiest course of action for making all the colours make sense .. sort of cheating, but I know I would have agonized over my fabric colours - I would still be staring at a pile of fabric with no choices made.

I had a few waves in my quilt top that I couldn't get rid of by squaring, these are from a few pp patterns that I didn't want to frog or redo, I knew i could reduce the problem when putting on borders and then quilt out what was left if needed.

  • Measured in 3 spots from side to side; 52", 511/4", 511/2" - average 51 1/2"
  • Measured in 3 spots top to bottom; 56", 56", 561/2" - average 56 3/16" - let's call this one 561/4" - must be those pp blocks again rearing their ugly heads

    For side to side - I needed to ease in 1/2” on the top row and the bottom row was to size .. I used the longer side down on the feed dogs to help with the easing. Super easy to ease that amount over 52" and that wave that was there is beaten into submission now .. It's nice to see my quilt laying flat on the floor . yes there are a few bumps, but those are seams where I lost the battle of getting them flat and some stretching happened .. In this other picture, I had a nice little ski hill for ants going on .. nice and flat now! :D :D :D

    I did the top and bottom borders then called it a night. I was to tired at that point and just didn't want to mess anything up.

    The top and bottom went just as easily as the sides did. Just pinned them into place and away i went. There's a few waves there, but nothing i can't live with. I need to trim a bit on my borders, but all in all I think that I can say the top's done :D. Oh geeze .. I think my top's almost done!!

    I need to do embellishments; tails, some whiskers - I want to put 4 more cats on, and get the heads and tails for the fan kitties ready for appliquilting - WOW ..