04 February 2008

sewper bowl; kitty stalls, speed bumps

Sewper bowl Sunday??? not here it wasn't. The best laid plans are usually fraught with interference from outside forces. first was the issue with reg's team on Saturday; i couldn't just let him stew and not try to talk to him and quilt could I??? well maybe .. LOL .. j/k .. i wouldn't do that.

Then there was my 'stall' today .. I hit a speed bump with a serious case of nerves. I was almost terrified to commit the kitty quilt to getting pieced together. I fidge and fudge with the layout in my mind, did some crazy mental math - yup it was mental alright (as my friend joy told me and everyone else LOL) amazing what sleep deprivation will do to you. Then as I'm ready to move on it, I gotta make the chili, then I gotta do this, then this comes up .. maybe i wasn't destined to finish this top this weekend .. It's not like it's going anywhere; until last month, it was just a dream in my head, now it's not .. it's a nitemare LOL .. j/k .. just nerves is all .. something that I've plotted for so long is coming to life and it's a wee bit scary is all .. it's when something you really want finally happens you are stunned speechless type thing ..

But I got the first set of kitties together and it looks better than I imagined .. Maybe I'll have the top done tomorrow ..

heh .. i didn't even get reg's quilt done during the superbowl .. we watched Minority Report last nite and I did 2 more sides, which only left one to do :S .. bah .. that'll get done too ..

Regarding my sick 248, i'm just going to call the shop and see what they say .. i've been going nuts trying to get some help / advise on how to line it back up and i'm beating my head against my keyboard for my efforts; so tomorrow i'll just call the shop .. who knows, they might just walk me through the repair on the phone ..specially if it it's not going to net them much money .. we'll have to see .. they do have 2 locations and we'll see how it goes :)