16 February 2009

Aw Crap!!

I've been working sort of diligently at getting the front panels done for my hoodie or not .. and doing a pretty good job of it too if I should say so myself .. now I didn't work non-stop for the past few days, but I did a bit here and there .. worked on it friday and tonite and 'thought' I was all set to go ..

As I was working the front panels I was worried about getting confused on the decreases when I need to do the neck and shoulder saddle bind offs at the same time .. now I didn't mess that up - but if you look near the top here, you can see that I started my shoulder bind off to soon- the part that got me was here ..

Dec 1 st at neck edge [every row] 3 (4, 5, 5, 6) times. (28, 32, 34, 37, 41 shoulder sts rem)
At the same time, when front armhole length matches back, work shoulder shaping as for back.

When I looked back over my notes, I saw I had written "8 rows in pattern" ... well where I was at was actually 10 rows in so I started to do the shoulder shaping then .. I had already done 3 rows of neck decreases, so I just started to do it then .. Well then I ended up with it being about 4" short after I bound off .. I should have laid them out together like I did here before I started the bind off.

I should have known because I was at 5 full cable sets before I did the shoulder shaping for the back and I was only 10 rows into the 4th set.

I basted the sections together just to get an idea of the size and it's going to be longer than I wanted because I wasn't aware at the time of the should saddle being roughly 6" wide - this will teach me to read ahead - you think??? bah ..

Ah well - at this point I'm going to try and do the needle trick at the row where I started the decreases (yes I did make note of that) and go forward from there .. I'm really hoping that I can get it correctly thru the cable pattern, but I'm pretty sure that there wasn't an actual cable twist there so that makes my life a whole hell of a lot easier ..

Wish me luck ;)