09 February 2009

Purple Hoodie "or not"

I decided that I would use this blog for my knitting projects progress and do my best to keep my wordpress blog quilt related.

I've been working on a cabled hoodie pullover for myself. I had a few issues with the gauge at first and it was causing me no end of worry and concern as I was knitting it. My gauge is usually spot on, but this time I was actually ½" short with the required number of stitches. So I bumped up my needles a size and then my gauge was spot on.

I'm using Caron Wintuk yarn for this (discontinued) as I have it in my stash. I've vowed not to buy more yarn until I get my stash down. Only problem is, I've got a lot of onsie twosie skeins that are going to cause me no end of fits. I'm hoping that I'll be able to trade them for full amounts of what I need for sweaters and what not, but I'm not entirely sure that that's going to happen at all .. My username on ravelry is gquilts. If you are interested in picking up onsie twosie yarns, please check out my stash and maybe we can work something out.

Okay back to my purple hoodie 'or not' (ravelry link).

Here's a close up the cable pattern (please excuse the blue colour - this was a nite pic and I didn't feel like messing with it to make it the correct colour) This is one section of 26 rows for the pattern. Rather pretty. And the pattern has created some really nice movement up the sweater back .. It's going to be just as awesome up the front too! And I can't forget the sleeves of course ;)

I met with another Windsor knitter last Saturday (feb 7th), and we were chatting and nattering away enjoying each other's company and our tazo chais. I KNEW I had made a mistake but couldn't figure out what I did ..it was really weird and only in that one spot .. the other cable didn't get dinged like this one. Oh there are 2 cable repeats per row. It wasn't until I got home that I found (saw) my goof and that entailed me back knitting stitch by stitch 6 rows to fix the error. Normally I would have just slide a needle across the piece, but with the cable pattern, my nerves just couldn't have handled it! What I had done was twist the cable the wrong way and repeat a row. You can see in the boxed section just where the mistake was. You can compare it with the cable below it. Since it's not all that noticeable and this is likely going to be under the hood, I left it at this point.

I finished the back last nite (temp pics - not blocked and looks blue due to flash) and did some math to have this be a full frontal zippered hoodie. I'm rather proud of myself that I worked the cable pattern right up the binding off for the saddle shaping too :D My plan is to do both front sections at the same time. I'm using circs for this so fitting both front sections on the them will be a piece of cake .. I'll just have to make sure that I don't tangle up the skeins ;) But I'm sure I'll adjust.

The hood part is pretty odd, (and I don't think that the cable pattern repeats on it either .. hmmmm) I was looking at the directions on Sat with my friend, and I'm tempted to do this as one piece instead of 2 as the pattern says ... if it doesn't work out, I can frog it - the nice thing about frogging yarn is it's MUCH easier than frogging quilting / sewing ;)

This is my first sweater for myself in over 8 years so I'm pretty pumped about this!!