23 February 2009

Mock up Update

Just a quick update on my progress on the shoulder mocks - I finally got them done enough tonite to hold them with provision yarn off the needles (I plan on frogging these and using the yarn for the sweater), and do a quick baste of the pieces I have ..

This is going to be a roomy hoodie .. I prolly could have done the small and it would have still fitted fine .. it's roomy without the ribbing being attached to the front ... but I'm not going to complain ;) I'll be doing the short sleeve length for these - 19½" at the same time on circs .. that way I can make sure what i do for one I do for the other .. Then the hood, putting it all together then the ribbing all the way around .. I'll have to decide on whether I'll be using a zipper for this or buttons .. I'm thinking zipper would be a more finished look to what I have in my mind - but buttons would be easier .. but me do the easy thing?? ROLFLMBO!!!!!!! yeah right ;)

Anywho - I'll post a pic tomorrow after Ky gets home from school - i'll have him take the picture

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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