20 February 2009

Shoulder Mocks

I did decide to do the shoulder saddle mock up - granted it's not going as quick as I would have liked, but I was rather dragging yesterday and I also finished (well tried to finish) a quilt top that was speaking (read - yelling) at me - so I'm not as far on this as I would like to be - I really am hoping that I'll get this finished in time to actually WEAR it this year LOL - this winter / spring actually.

I do think that once I get moving on this again, I'll fly. We were supposed to meet tonite to knit, but one lady canceled and the other forgot her knitting at home (which is totally on the other side of town - poor thing!!), so we are going to reschedule for this Saturday maybe ;)

What I'm doing is lining up my bind-offs on the mock and back to get correct rows needed etc .. I tripped over this dropped stitch when I used the front instead .. OI VAY!!!

I guess the plan here is to use a crochet hook to get the stitch back into the garment, and the bury it .. I'll be looking on line for just how to fix this, I've already bound off and I'm NOT about to unbind it just to pick up one bloody stitch .. This is in the same place where I had ripped back to - poor thing just happened to get missed is all .. Suggestions anyone? I've not fixed this sort of problem before - I guess this is definitely a learning experience for me LOL

Ah well back at it .. I should have the mocks done soon enough then will baste everything together and THEN get my accurate sleeve length .. If I followed the instructions there, I would have a sweater for a gorilla (!!) I think not!

Least I can't say I'm bored ;)