23 February 2009

Pic of Mock Up

As promised, here's a pic of the mocked up and basted hoodie sans sleeves. I had pics taken of the front too, but the edges were curled and just didn't look good at all! It was hard to get an idea of what it actually looked like with the edges curling like they are - I figured that would happen - only cure would have been to do a loose baste of the edges and draw them together like the old style hockey shirt necks. I figured I would pass .. afterall, this isn't the final piece - the purpose of doing the saddles was to work out how this was going to hang and how long my sleeves needed to be.

You can see how big this is going to be on me too ... i really could have done the small size, but I am NOT going to rip it apart now. The good side is that I can wear this over heavier shirts and I won't look like a stuff sausage :D Altho, I'm sure that the stitches will relax after the first two washings and it'll look bigger .. Let's hope not! Now I can start on the sleeves .. AFTER i get my quilting done on my Michigan Left quilt ;) If you're interested you can read about here in this post on my quilt blog ;)