17 February 2009

Front and Center

Success!! It's a wonderful thing. Granted there were a few tense moments while I was putting the front sections back on the needles after ripping out 6 rows last nite - then getting all confused as my stitches weren't matching directions OR stitch.

I ended up having to drop several stitches near the end of the right panel (least I think it was the right one) to put the stitches back as knits or purls and then to follow the pattern. That took me a few hours and the language was 'interesting and highly inventive' to say the least.

Now the fun part begins .. this has a shoulder saddle and that means 'normal' arm length doesn't quite work .. i know I do not want my sleeves as long as they are in the pattern - near as I can figure (based on my stitch gauge), the 'saddle' part is actually 7½" long. So I'm trying to guesstimate where the neck actually lies on this (sans neck ribbing)

I did just have a thought here .. I could start from the neck and do it reverse - long as I do the same thing each row, I should be fine .. the first 7½" is over 30 stitches and that is going to work up quickly - from what I can remember (off the top of my head) I think that it's roughly 25 - 30 rows too .. that should work up in no time - I think I rather like that idea .. altho working the pattern backwards is going to send me .. oh wait .. that's just not going to work .. i'll not be sure what row the cable pattern will end on and it'll look hinky from the rest of sweater .. while that might not work, I could do that to do a mock up of the saddle itself and then baste it together and see just how long I really do want these sleeves based on the hang of the sweater itself :D :D :D I think that just might work - I rather like that idea .. T, what you think???

Like with the fronts, I'll be doing the sleeves at the same time - 2 skeins of yarn and on circs - it'll be a lot of hold up and measure as this gets close to 18 - 19 inches. I'm meeting with some friends on Thursday and maybe they can help me as it's hard to direct someone that's never knitted before where to put a tape measure (not that you can see it for the most part either) so maybe I'll have them measure me - Then again, I may be past that part and actually doing the hoodie itself or the ribbing around ... we'll just have to see ;)