27 January 2008

Cornucopia - Horn Of Plenty (Trouble!!!)

Why is it that I have MORE scraps now than I did when I did the "scrappy red swap"???

This block and it's twin were ... 'interesting' to say the least ... for some silly reason after I cut it, I couldn't figure out for the life of me the best way to put it together .. quiltmags, stash buster blocks don't give directions as they've already published them in previous issues of the magazine .. So here I am looking at all these million pieces and it's just not clicking - I wrote to my lists and waited and looked at them again .. time passes .. and it clicks - LeMoyne Star!! NOW I can start (and of course after I figure it out, all these suggestions come in LOL)

These pieces gave me a devil of a time getting right; and even then, they aren't right - I had the same space on both blocks near the top - a good 1/2" .. one of them is unlikely to be squared even with framing .. I've not lost my confidence with the inset seams - i'm more puzzled than anything .. my cutting was good, and my seams were spot on 1/4" .. it could be the 1/4" isn't exact on both pieces?? I have no definite clue why it didn't work out. I'm beginning to seriously think that inset seams need to be handpieced ;) And I've thought this every time I've done them. I'm a wee bit discouraged as I really wanted to use these in the swap, but I just can't .. not these .. I'll frame them for my scrappy quilt - well one at least .. I think that I'll frame the other and send it along as an orphan block for charity quilts.

I ended up with 2 extra blocks for the scrapbuster block .. I read in the instructions that you will have extras - it didn't penetrate - so here I have 4 blocks instead of 2 LOL .. I couldn't just NOT make them .. heh .. maybe another charity block LOL .. i'll just have to see ..I do want to make one more block as I wanted to have all different blocks for the swap ..

I've been researching my next quilt project .. reg and I need a quilt for our bed .. and he likes the reproduction fabrics that i have from the civil war era and later in the same century. There's a discussion going on about Dear Jane / Dear Hannah quilts and there are a LOT of people doing them .. well - heh .. i'm more of an individualist .. so what I'm going to do is, more research for one, but make our bed quilt in the style of blocks from that era with those fabrics .. it won't be a true reproduction - if I can't find the exact block, i'll use one close to it .. I'll try for the same style, but we'll have to see how it goes .. i'm thinking maybe a sampler, altho, I've not really seen to many of those, they all seem to made with one block or medallion style. But it won't be a true repo. Hmmm .. block size??? i've seen a few where the size is from 8" - 10" ... heh .. I need to do more research :D