04 January 2008

My Grandmother's Quilt

I was reminded of this quilt from a post on quilter's corner. We were talking about how we got into quilting and I had mentioned all the things that my mum taught me to do, she never taught me to quilt. While typing that out, I remembered that my mum brought me a quilt she found at my aunt's house when she passed. My mum told me that my grandmother made it for my aunt, but it wasn't quite finished yet. My grandmother had a treadle machine and I can remember her sewing on it .. i had a great time playing next to her machine while she sewed. heh .. i actually have my grandmother's quilt :D That is just wayyy to cool - my grandmother died in 1987 and I was pretty close to her .. I was the youngest granddaughter and of course, her pet.

This quilt is velvet, the binding is almost finished, but it isn't quilted .. i'm wondering if maybe I should tie it?? If anyone has any ideas please let me know .. now what to do with it??? HELP!!

and yes that is my hammy dog (Orion) getting into every picture ;)