17 January 2008

Free Motion away!!

WOOO HOOOO .. (**doing the happy kitty dance**) I can do the free motion quilting for Reg's quilt that I wanted to do. I had a few tense moments there wondering if it would work for me or not. About 5 years ago, (prolly more now) I made a quilt for my now ex-BF mother for Cmas. I wanted to freemotion the quilting motif - had a gorgeous one all picked out and everything .. i designed this quilt and was pretty proud of it .. unfortunately the bloody thing wouldn't work - I can't exactly recall what the problem was, but I seem to remember that all the stitches were loose on the bottom, and yes I had the foot down - regular quilting with my walking foot was fine which is what I ended up doing - ditch stitching. It still looked okay .. but I know it would have looked so much better with the free motion quilting that I wanted to do.

I want to do freemotion (okay .. is it free motion or freemotion!?!?!? - poll question :D :D :D) for the blank spots in reg's quilt; footballs, baseballs, basketballs, bats gloves etc etc etc etc .. but was worried that I wouldn't be able to freemotion. I really didn't want to be doing that with regular walking foot .. oh heck no!! For the other motifs, sure .. but not these ones - and I don't really want to hand quilt this one .. not with the cats and the dog ending up on it i'm sure ... So i'm happy about that! I'll maybe work on it later on tonite, or start it tomorrow. Once I get the blank spaces done, I'll decide then if I will do outline quilting, or the fields / courts of the respective sports ..

heh .. I gotta share this with you .. Not even 20 minutes after I basted reg's quilt, (I put it on the ironing board as I needed my cutting table) Pix walks into the sewing room and stops dead .. his head looks up and over his left shoulder slightly .. he sees the quilt .. yup you guessed .. up he went .. What amazes me the most is that he's not been one to go up on the ironing board .. never has been .. guess he wanted to sleep on that quilt! He's practically not moved off of it since then. I've moved it on him once and he unerringly zeroed in on it again .. how do they do that!?!?!?

Last nite I did 2 more blocks (1 set) from Quilt Magazine's stash buster free patterns. I can't tell you which ones as it's supposed to be a surprise, but this is where I'm getting a bunch of my patterns from and the Around the Block Book oh and that disappearing 9 patch is really speaking to me .. I am sooo having a blast with this swap! heheheheheh only problem is anytime I see a different pattern I keep changing my mind, so I'm trying to stay away from the pattern sites ..I can lose myself there for hours (specially with dial up :S)