06 January 2008

Kitty Quilt - Now a reality

Instead of being something percolating in the back of my mind for the past 10 years .. it’s reality .. or at least getting there .. got the fabric; pressed it, tossed almost all my kitty fabrics onto the table; started sifting through the patterns that I picked for this to print, rethink, etc ..

I’m excited, I’m finally getting to do this :D Reg made sure we were able to grab my fabric for this; prolly because I never think of myself first and haven’t made a quilt for ME yet; ever .. I don’t count the nap quilt I did for a swap .. poor thing is falling apart now ..

Most of the patterns are from the book “Cat’s meow” , some are from the net and other books .. I’ve picked my focal pattern - have now decided upon the kitty fabrics for these two cats .. heh .. I’d better cut them before I change my mind .. but not likely to with this .. This whole quilt is going to be on that fabric no other background even for the borders and the kitties will be made with just kitty fabric .. no other kind

This is going to be GREAT!!!

Tomorrow I am going to my dad’s to sift through my mum’s fabric, take her two sewing machines (regular machine and serger), look at a sewing center table that she had purchased that is still in the box and help my dad clear out the lazy susan from the eeeker (mouse) damage .. he’s finally realized that he needs to get another cat .. he’s got mice .. poor dad ..

It’ll be hard for me to go through my mum’s things, but as my aunt says “Better that it’s being used that sitting there rotting” If mum had a walking foot on her machine I would consider trying it for my machine quilting as the one I use has been put away due to odd sounds it’s making while I sew right now .. then again .. mum’s machine jams as soon as I look it :S .. that thing hates me and always has LOL. At any rate, my dad assures me that my mum has some home dec stuff in there, sheers and the like which means I’ll finally be able to put up curtains .. none of our existing curtains fit the windows here, and I not taking down the tree until I have at least sheers up .. otherwise we are in a goldfish bowl - granted our street is quiet .. but that’s not the point!