19 January 2008

A Quilt for ME!?!?!?

Last nite or was it early this AM .. i was chatting in email with Joy and she showed me this adorable quilt with doggy bones and fire hydrants - she had just made it up really quick on her serger (new serger) .. it was just really really cute .. She then asks me my favourite colours, and states that she wants to make one for me .. i'm like ??? for me?? why type thing? basically because she wanted to .. I think that she wanted to play with her new toy as well LOL .. So I tell her and we are chatting along, and then this email comes through with this gorgeous quilt. The colours are just fantabulous!!! Heh .. she half killed herself getting the perfect border fabric out of the closet - her batting saved her - and it is perfect .. just pulls it all together nicely! This was before the borders were on, I do have one of it finished, but her daughter is modelling it and i've not heard back that i can use it .. besides; she's so pretty you won't even see the quilt ;) She's finished the borders today and I'll have it soon .. now to figure out how to quilt it?? LOL .. Joy Thank you!!! You're awesome.

I did manage to get 2 more blocks done for my kitty quilt. I did the sampler kitties .. I had cut out 3 different ones, but miscut 2 the same so did those at the same time .. now I'm just to tired ot finish the one right now. I never quite thought about how small cutting a 1 7/8" into a half square triangle would make it .. i was almost ready to use toothpicks to hold it down LOL ..no seriously it wasn't that bad .. but it was interesting. As usual, one of the blocks is my problem child. I would like to solve this so I don't have to go through it LOL. The one squared up no problem .. i think in order to square the one, I'm going to have to cut his ear off .. I'll do the other block tomorrow and maybe another set of 2. Or even start quilting reg's quilt.