09 August 2008

August Abstract Lesson One - Finished

I t's done .. Not sure if I like it .. well I do like it, but it's not quite what it's supposed to be .. if that makes any sense .. I like what I've done with it .. but as for the 'assignment' it's not right .. but like i said in my previous post - I do have an idea and this one will be more abstract :).

This picture was taken after it was quilted - I decided to toss it into the washer to fray up those 'leaves' a bit to make them more realistic .. i think that this one was more a lesson in texture play .. but it was fun. I likely should have used another colour to quilt the moon and the reflection to play up the texture - maybe a nice light gray? I didn't do anything fancy with the quilting at all .. Just did illusions (I hope) of rippling water, leaves, bark texture, dock texture and the moon craters - not that you can see them .. I was going to try and get some better pics, but the batteries died in my camera and my other set wtih the charger has vanished .. I'll give you ONE guess where they went .. and if he's powering his Nintendo DS with my camera batteries, I'll rip a strip off him for that crime! Brat already lost like 4 sets of rechargeables .. he's NOT going to lose mine! Or if he does, he'll be using his bday money to replace them! PFFT .. KIDS - Mumfit over .. moving right along now ...

This one shows you the actual 'leaf' affect - that turned out so well!! You can also see the quilting that I did in the moon and the reflection here as well .. Also with this angle and lighting, you can see the tree trunk for the first time and the material i used for the dock .. One thing that disappointed me a bit with this is that i lost my 'wrinkles' in the trunk that I left (or tried to leave) to create bark .. it was there before it went into the washer. I guess not only is my washer a sock thief .. it's a wrinkle thief too .. nasty kenmore LOL

This one really shows how the hand-dyed fabric curled around the quilting to give me the colouring effect that I wanted for the tree .. you can't see the quilting in the moon or the reflection, but you can see al the rest of it .. I changed my lighting and level values to highlight those.

This does look good .. I do like it .. it's loaded with texture and depth - heh .. it's just not abstract .. but I AM learning and that's the whole purpose .. All in all, for my first attempt and having such a broad concept, I think I did okay .. I was having a hard time getting my head around impressionist abstract :\ .. no clue why that was so .. but it was ..

I found some beach dune images that are pretty close to the memory in my head .. Beach Dunes 1 and Beach Dunes 2. I can see this as an abstract (impressionist) very easily - I guess I just jumped before I looked - like this is new???? LOL yeah right ..

Well I'm doing the mystery and hopefully having fun with it .. gotta love how you can set up your posts to be published at a later time .. Okay it's like 5am and the first clue gets posted in 3 hours .. EKKKKKKKKKKKK

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  1. Grace,
    This turned out beautifully. I think you got it girlfriend. I can
    't wait to see the other one!!!! all I can say is WOW! I am so proud of you!
    Well done!
    Love and hugs,


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